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Osteria has a unique sophisticated charm that appeals to it's many regulars who continue to increase in number. Located in the most pleasant surrounding, offering elegant and refined personal service, with a unique and authentic cuisine

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Along Lenana Road, Nairobi

Get an authentic taste of Italy at Osteria Nairobi.

A tavola non si invecchia; that 's Italian for 'you don't age while seated for a meal'. Perhaps Italians needed a reason to linger a little longer over a serving of their cuisine and the wine they are so well known for. One bite of authentic Italian cuisine at Osteria Kilimani and you will understand why this tape of food is often considered a taste of heaven.

Osteria Nairobi is waiting to take your online order

There's a lot to see and do in scenic and history-rich Italy; there are the idyllic coastal towns, the century-old cathedrals and castles, the galleries, museums, the roadside cafes and the cobbled streets leading to curio and gift shops. If getting there isn't possible, you can still get the real taste of Italy at Osteria Kilimani. You will definitely want to linger over pizza, pasta, and seafood that is made just the way the Italians make it. You can enjoy a bottle of Italian wine and for dessert, you have to sample some Italian ice cream. Osteria Nairobi also offers specialty foods such as Sushi and Teppanyaki from Japan, Osteria cheese and even fresh produce which comes from a farm that the restaurant owns.

Delicious meals at Osteria Restaurant Nairobi are clicks away!

Osteria Restaurant Nairobi has branches in different parts of the city; Karen, Warwick, Lenana, Gigiri and City Center. There are also affiliated establishments- Club Casablanca, Osteria Ice Cream and Osteria Art Gallery. Patrons can order food and await delivery or enjoy a meal with lovely ambiance at one of the restaurants. Finally, Osteria Restaurant Nairobi also offers outside and in-house catering. Reservations can be made online on the restaurant's website. More the mobile type? Why not download hellofood onto your Iphone and Android smartphone, and explore hundreds of delicious restaurants at any time and day?

Explore your options with Osteria Kilimani and hellofood mobile

We at hellofood are striving for continous improvement in our services to customers all around the globe. For that reason, our optimized smartphone application allows you to order all dishes easily and from whichever restaurant you are fancying right now. Osteria Kilimani has been pioneering in its adaptation of mobile orders, guaranteeing all foodies a fast and definitely fun meal experience. To download the app, simply visit us via website, and get your Android cellphone or Iphone ready. Enjoy your meal with Osteria Kilimani!

Reviews of Osteria

  • very good pizza... smallish pizza however.

  • Good pizza... Will order again

  • One meal was very bad. I ordered the Gnocchi Pomodorro. I have had a similar dish at Art Cafe - they have the Gnocchi Rose which is FAR better than that at Osteria. I basically ate dough cooked in too much paste for lunch which was very disappointing. I will not be ordering that again.

  • We ordered ravioli with spinach and ricotta - but it seemed they had forgotten the ricotta this time.
    Delivery took over one hour - yet I am literally two minutes down the road from them!
    But overall it was fine and I would order again.

  • The risoto is really dry, not creamy at all. The spinich ravioli with white sauce is inedible. Maybe dine-in is better, but the delivered food is horrible.

  • Pizza arrived ice cold

  • The pizza was cold and bland! Awful!

  • The Risotto was little under cooked.

  • Food was very good, but they got order wrong. Pollo Crema E Funghi came with mashed potatoes instead of rice, and had asked for chicken breast, but got thigh instead.

  • would like to give you guys credit for a 5star service. thank you

  • The chips were not fresh. It was clear they just reheated the previous day's french fries.

  • They provided the wrong dessert.

  • The delivery was on time and the guy was polite however the pizzas were burnt and cold. very disappointed

  • Grilled veggies were eggplant and carrots. I would have liked some onions or peppers. The carrots were awfully sweet.

    The pizza was Italian style, I guess. Thin crust, tomato sauce, only a little cheese. I am more used to American pizzas with more topping. But given that it is an Italian food restaurant, I guess Italian style is to be expected.

    The delivery, service, packaging, etc were all great!

  • The food arrived super quickly and still hot!

  • Apart from getting the accompanying starch on one order wrong food was excellent fresh and arrived still hot enough to eat immediately. Packaging was fantastic as well

  • Used to be very good but now 2 times in a row I've been very unlucky with the quality of the food.

  • On time and Good taste

  • yes, when they pack the food they poot everything in silver foil, why can't they use plastic plates to put the food on, its more easier to serve at home and its desposible!!

  • The pizzas were great but they could have done better with lasagne and the packaging.

  • Lasagna ordered was undercooked and tasteless

  • I did not get my full meal and I got my meal 20 minutes later (1 hour and 20 minutes later). I also did not receive any call on the delay and when I called Osteria Lenana they were not helpful.

  • The food was GREAT!! I asked for an extra serving of vegetables and I received it. It was warm on arrival, chicken was spiced just right and the courier was very friendly!! Thanks again!

  • The pizza was awesome :)

  • Food is rather average and arrived late on two occasions...nothing that makes me want to eat from them again.

  • LOVE the chilli salami Pizza!

  • The pizza was authentic and delicious. Will definitely order from there again

  • hello food are too awesome best thing that has happened to nairobi..... actually ordered my food at 9.30pm (most deliveries close shop at 8.30) so you can imagine my happiness when they confirmed the order and within 45 min i was enjoying my delicious meal from osteria totally awesome. thank you :-) :-)

  • The pizza was awesome and the delivery times met my expectations. Go Osteria and Hello Food in combination!

  • Dears from Hello food, my experience whit the Osteria at Village a Market was
    horrible. Why??I ordered the food around 11:00am and the food deliver arrived in my house almost 14:00pm. I just send him back with the food, I'm very disappointed!

  • Pizzas arrived slightly burned, but cold, even though we live a block away from the restaurant. The pizza with basil as a main ingredient had 4 burnt basil leaves on top. Disappointment because other times food from here has been better quality.

  • I`m very satisfied with Hellofood. The food was delivered on time and it tasted delicious. I will definately order food from Hellofood again,

  • Ordered for Pizza, have to say it was beyond my expectations delivered on time too will definitely do it again

  • The food was hot and veeeery delicious!! Also delivered on time

  • Pretty good, but takes time

  • Lasagna was poorly made!

  • thank you so much!
    food was received..

  • Excellent calzone, excellent roast vegetables!

  • The Pizza was good I had the Prosciutto e fungi which I enjoyed. I generally do not favour Osteria but I guess it was not so bad. My Pizza was a bit cold though. I had to reheat it of course to enjoy it. I did not mind it. Having said that it would still not be my first choice to order from but I would if I was up against a wall.

  • Delivery on time. Food was great!

  • Worst pizza I've had in a long time. I live round the corner yet it was cold. It was also not fully cooked, the cheese wasn't melted and was very pale and tasted bad. Worst of all there was hardly any topping at all. So basically it was over 1000 shillings for a cold, undercooked cheese pizza with no topping.

  • Took a while but in the end all was good :)

  • I ordered a pizza and got destroyed and undone, the pizza delivery was rude, he did not take care of the food.

  • Very dîsappointing. After 1 hour and 15 minutes, we called the restaurant which said that no driver from hello food was here to deliver our pizzas and that their own driver were to busy to do it. We had to collect our food ourselves ... However, even cold, the pizzas were good !

  • My food arrived in 3 hours, very very disappointed with the service.

  • Delivery on time... Food was good. Keep it up.

  • Always on time, always fresh, always good!

  • The order arrived late, incomplete and cold....disappointing.

  • They have really amazing pizzas and a big variety to choose from! Loved the food! One minor issue was one of the pizzas was slightly burned on the edge, but nothing too bad. I will definitely order from Osteria again!

  • usually good food .. had one miss with Gnocchi but rest i had was good

  • Osteria never disappoints with their Pizza and prompt delivery.

  • The best Pizza's!

  • The pizza from this restaurant was excellent. We particularly liked the spicy sausage, artichokes, and cooked ham. Will definitely be ordering from Osteria again.

  • so i ordered the ragu pizza from this restaurant...it was really good...came in good time and i was happy.
    keep it up.

  • Delivery was right on time and the food was delicious!

  • great food and delivery was on time.

  • Got my delivery 15 mins early which was nice as I was already hungry when I ordered :) Prosciutto crudo pizza, really really good

  • I live right around the corner and love the Osteria food. However, the pizzas came yesterday after one hour (not 45 minutes), and they were completely cold. We had to heat the oven and reheat them, which helped, but of course made them taste like leftovers. Not the Saturday night meal we had in mind. I would recommend Osteria any time and hope this was a one off. But as a delivery, it was a huge disappointment.

  • Great customer service,and the delivery was pretty fast.

  • Speedy delivery, and good quality.

  • The Pizza was fine and deliver in time

  • The order was correct and arrived on time, but the bruscetta was soggy and the pizza cold...convenient, but not fantastic.

  • Very good I liked their pizza

  • Great customer service. Great food. Fast delivery.

  • The food (pizzas) arrived on time. It was hot and tasty. I would definitely order there again.

  • The food arrived almost about 45 minutes after promised. It was hot, so the driver wasn't lost...

  • I liked my experience.

  • The size of the pizza seemed small for the price, and it arrived cold. Toppings were sparse, and the taste blunt.

  • Pizza was good as always, albeit a bit bland. Agree that a bit of basil or extra pepper could add flavour!

  • Pizza was good as well as fried mozzarella, though it could use a big of spicing.

  • Great Food!

  • The food arrived on time (to the minute) and in that regard I'm really impressed with hellofood_KE and the quick communication relay system. However the crust on my pizza was burned and that, I believe, was a failing on the restaurant's part. I understand that one can expect the crust to be a little over-baked because of the lack of effective temperature control of a wood-fired oven but most of the outside area of the crust was inedible. What I did eat of the pizza was delicious. I wish I could have had an untainted experience of the meal, though. My rating is provisional, pending a second experience.

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